sous vide

I Love Sous Vide Porkchops

It’s no secret that I have fallen in love with sous vide cooking. The ease of cooking, the delicious result, the lack of cleanup… it’s all so great! My only regret is that I hadn’t found this wonderful style of cooking sooner!

My grandmother got me a sous vide machine for Christmas. It was the Anova Bluetooth Immersion Circulator. I had absolutely no clue what it was when I unwrapped it, but after listening to grandma and doing some research, I decided to give sous vide cooking a shot.

and man am I glad that I did!

Ever since then, I have been cooking up a storm with my sous vide machine. From vegetables to steak to chicken to pork… I have been cooking it all suvee!

By far my favorite word to cook sous vide is pork roast. Growing up, we ate a ton of pork chops because my mom was friends with a local farmer. He would always give my mom porkchops for cheap, since he had an abundance of them. Mind you, they weren’t premium cuts, but more of his off-pieces. Regardless, we ate them and loved them.

Naturally, the first food that I had to cook sous vide was pork chops. I dind’t think anything would ever compare to the porkchops that mom used to make. I was mistaken. Pork chops cooked sous vide absolutely BLOW AWAY my mom’s porkchops (sorry mom)!

They come out so juicy and tender… it’s kind of miraculous.

Had someone told me that something so delicious could have come from a vacuum sealed bag submerged in hot water, I’d think you were crazy. Now, the crazy people are the ones that aren’t cooked sous vide.

I highly, highly encourage everyone to go to their local store or online retailer and get themselves a sous vide machine. Seriously, it will change your life for the better!