Two Cool Features of Sous Vide Machine

With the innovation and advancement of technology, it is no more a surprise that we can hear amazing features of the Sous Vide Machine that are out on the market. Some of these features are helpful to specific groups and individuals while others prefer to have sous vide machine without it since it also added on the price tag of the product. Below are just two of the latest features that ring a bell on social media and television but as a consumer, you have the last and final decision in buying.

1. Sous Vide With Wifi

For those who need to go to work, Sous Vide Machine also has Wifi connectivity in which it allows you to cook the food wherever you may be. You may need to look at the apps but it is a good feature if you could not be present in the kitchen for the entire day. Remote cooking is just possible with Wifi connection since you can control and start cooking even if you are in your workplace. People who love to eat good food but have a day-time work agreed that this features of Sous Vide Machine help a lot so they can still prepare the desired dishes even if they have a committed day job. Once the Sous Vide Machine is already connected to the Wifi, it will send an alert on your phone when it is time to start cooking. When they need to prepare the meal ahead of time, they find this feature super amazing as when they get home with friends or co-workers after work, they can just grill or fry it on a pan for few minutes to add some crisp and golden texture.

2. Sous Vide With Refrigeration

Though sous vide machine had gained popularity today than in previous years, the competition on design as well as on its features never stops. In fact, there is the newest and cool feature of sous vide machine. While upgrades are commonly heard with smartphones since it is the duty of the manufacturer to release products that would offer convenience, sous vide machine is never without improvement year after year. These kitchen items will keep on upgrading to offer optimum convenience and quality and one that is added to its features is the refrigeration.

The refrigeration feature of the Sous Vide Machine is one amazing upgrade since we love freshness on our food. It will control the condition in order to give the food its ideal environment for coolness and hotness. With it, you will only have to wait until the suitable time that you can start the process of cooking. This will yield the best savor on meat and other food that you prepare with Sous Vide Machine.

We have just cited the two cool features of the sous vide machine. There are other added features you still can find depending on the model such as the temperature control and push button or silent operation mode so you will not be disturbed by its noise at night. It is best that you should shop around for features too before buying since in this way, you can save money. If you think the feature of the Sous Vide isn’t that important then you can have the one without it, and save dollars. If you think that if you buy the item and need to upgrade it later, then better pick the upgraded version since you can shave off expenses for an upgrade or buying again in the future. The decision will definitely result in your living lifestyle but what is important here is that you get the Sous Vide Machine, in order to cook consistently in perfect doneness.

Can anyone cook sous vide? Find Out Appropriate Answer!

Can anyone cook sous vide? Find Out Appropriate Answer!

Cooking food with sous vide technique is not as daunting as it seems to be. The best part of sous vide cooking is you are not required to do much with your food before cooking. Most of the sous vide cooking dishes like meat, fish and vegetables only demand salt and pepper to shine. Yes, one can be easily creative with aromatics, but even leans meats will be able to retain their moisture and texture on their own when cooked in a plastic bag under controlled temperature conditions. Can anyone cook sous vide is a bit silly question to ask if you have a bit of experience and along with required cooking equipment. There is nothing like applying tough rocket science when dealing with sous vide. In order to start with sous vide cooking you need a pot or huge container to hold water, few heavy duty bags, a good number of clips and precision cooker. The key aspect of gaining success with sous vide cooking is the under vacuum part of the equation. The vacuum helps in preventing evaporation and makes it possible to achieve the most efficient transfer of energy from water to food.

In sous vide cooking, you will pace seasoned food in a plastic bag and eradicate entire surrounding air in order to create a vacuum seal. When you are able to create a vacuum seal, you need to pay a lot of attention in mastering time and temperature. The control of time and temperature is the difficult aspect of sous vides cooking. These two aspects will only determine the final texture and flavor of the cooked food.  Making appropriate selection of correct cooking time and temperature will entirely depend on your desired doneness.

Sous vide cooking demands the food to be cooked for a fairly long time in order to achieve the desired temperature. Yes, you are required to be a bit more careful with time equation as long cooking time might increase the risk of growth of any potential bacteria.

For sure, sous vide is not only constrained to cooking professionals and anyone can cook sous vide with ease. If needed, interested individuals can execute little online search find out easy sous vide cooking recipes. With plenty of information available, it will only take few moments to get aware about a new style of cooking. Sous vide is not a complicated cooking process and with the availability of food sealer at your side, you need not waste a moment and begin your next culinary adventure!

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What are the Nutritional Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking?

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking?

In the modern world, many people are feeling difficulties in cooking their favorite foods in a short period. So, they are looking for an excellent alternative to cooking their favorite foods. With this method of cooking, you can save your cooking time and money. And, the Sous vide cooking offer several benefits. They are as follows,

  1. It gives best results.
  2. This kind of cooking is very simple.
  3. Sous Vide cooking does not overcook your food.
  4. It keeps your food’s original flavor and allows you to cook your favorite food in less time.

Nutritional benefits of Sous Vide cooking:

Do you like to know the nutritional benefits of Sous Vide cooking? If yes, then read the following part. The following section describes the nutritional benefits of Sous Vide cooking in a detailed manner.

  • This kind of cooking does not use more oil.
  • It uses less salt and less fat.
  • The Sous Vide cooking keeps the nutrients and antioxidants within the food so that you can keep your body healthy forever.

These are all about the benefits of the Sous Vide cooking. Hope, you’ve gained more knowledge about the nutritional benefits of Sous Vide cooking.

How to buy the best Sous Vide machine?

In order to do Sous Vide cooking, you need to buy the best Sous Vide machine. While buying the best Sous vide machine, you need to consider several numbers of factors. They are as follows,

  1. Water holding capacity of the Sous Vide cooking
  2. Consider the water bath container of the Sous Vide cooking.
  3. It is important to consider the temperature stability and equipment size of the Sous Vide cooking.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider while shopping for the best Sous Vide machine for you.

Smart way of cooking with Sous Vide Machines

Now days, all home makers prefer smart way of cooking in order to get unique texture and taste to their foods. In the restaurants, the master chefs are actually using the vacuum cooking method for the slower cooking process. This type of vacuum cooking has been providing different taste and texture to the foods. The same way of smart vacuum cooking is now possible at home with the help of the various Sous Vide Equipment 2017 sold in the market. All these cooking machines or equipment are for your cooking needs at home.

Unique cooking with sous vide machines:

Sous vide is a unique way or technique to cook different types of foods under vacuum. This type of cooking is actually new cooking method used in the top restaurants and recently in many homes. When the home makers are trying sous vide foods in the home kitchens, your family members will not go to the restaurants to taste the various dishes. They need the tasty foods only from your kitchen. Sous vide actually means under the pressure in English.

In the 1970s, this technique of cooking was very popular in French. Then, it is used in various restaurants only. These recent days, many home makers are also being familiar with this method of sous vide cooking technique to be the cooking expert of all dishes. Even you are trying simple dishes in this sous vide method, it will get greatest output with the unique texture and taste.

Cooking in Sous Vide method:

  • When you have decided to cook your favorite foods under pressure using the sous vide machines, first of all the home makers need the vacuum sealing device.
  • In the market, you can find two various types of vacuum sealers. One type of sealer creates a vacuum space in the chamber and another one sucks out the air from the bag. For the household uses, the second one is a perfect and inexpensive choice whereas the first one is somewhat expensive at all.
  • Once you have chosen the vacuum sealer, next you need the vacuum sealing bags which are available in various sizes and shapes. According to your cooking purpose and amount of food, you can select any size or shape of vacuum sealing bag in the plastic.
  • Now, you can load the food in this bag to make it ready for cooking.
  • In the next step, you have to pick one of the best Sous Vide Machines for cooking and fill the water depending on your cooking method.
  • For the best result, you can go for the immersion circulator and heat the water to the certain temperature.
  • Then, place the vacuum sealed foodstuff in this water for water bath or oven. The temperature level in the water will slowly cook the foodstuff inside the plastic vacuum sealer. But it is a very slower process of cooking to give unique taste and texture of food at the end.
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Best Torch for Sous Vide Cooking

Best Torch for Sous Vide Cooking

The final process of sous vide cooking is preparing proteins in the food. And, during the final step, meat is getting either crunchy, dark or favorable dish. There are so many methods used for this final step. In this section, I’m going to share you about using a torch in the final step to get tasty foods.

First of all, a torch taste doesn’t include fuel or gas flavors. When you finish your dish with a torch, there are chances of getting fuel or gas flavor. But, in the sous vide cooking, you didn’t get that kind of flavor associated with foods.

In order to get rid of sous vide cooking technique, you need to use popular fuels such as propane, butane, and MAPP. There are several gases available to use on torch process, then why I need to prefer these gases? This is your question right!! This is because these forms of gases enhance the taste of torch and this is tested and proved one.

Types of gas used for torch:

Each type of gas various from other and also has its own characteristics. Here, we’re going to know few things about each type of gas used in torch cooking.

  1. Propane gas

This gas is widely used type by most of the people due to its low cost and capability of generating heat.

  1. MAPP

This kind of gas is most popular one and this is the best gas to use on Sous Vide cooking process. This gas is available at an affordable price only, but this not available always because it is replaced by propylene.

  1. Propylene

This is the advanced version of propane gas and it is derived from MAPP gas.

These are the most commonly used gas for final step – torch process to get an excellent taste.

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Best Sous Vide Cooking

Best Sous Vide Cooking

Are you ready to cook foods using sous vide cooking? But, don’t what are the best sous vide cooking recipes? If like so, then this section is really for you. Here, I’m going to share you few best recipes for you to cook based on sous vide cooking method.

This is the first time for you to use sous vide cooking right!! So, it is better to start with simple and easy to do recipes. Below are the few simple and easy recipes for you to start your sous vide cooking.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are the best dish and ever easy food to prepare using precision cooking. At the same time, it is very easy to cook too. Simply place few eggs on top of the container and maintain the temperature at 63-degree for some time until the texture of egg is changed to the desired one.

  1. Carrots

Another simple and as well as easy food to cook using sous vide cooking is carrots. You know slow cooking of carrot results in wonders. Take some quantity of carrots and place it into the water bath with some amount of garlic, dill and duck fat. After that, seal the container to cook under vacuum. Then, remove the sealing to taste delicious carrot recipe.

In addition to that, you can also cook some other recipes like sausages, chicken recipes, corned beef, short ribs, steaks, confit and like more.

But, you know there are some foods that you don’t cook by precision cooking. Those are:

  • Fin fish
  • Chicken breast
  • Hollandaise

These are some of the worst foods that don’t cook using sous vide cooking at home. From the above-listed foods, you may choose anyone for your first time of cooking and cook it. Cook healthier recipes and enjoy delicious foods.

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Best Container for Sous Vide Cooking

Best Container for Sous Vide Cooking

The sous vide cooking is based on the under vacuum procedure and it requires to cook foods at the low water bath temperature for a period of time. In order to cook foods based on this method, you need to have the best container. But, don’t know the best container for sous vide cooking? Keep scrolling!!

For sous vide cooking, you need different types of containers like water oven and pot with a thermometer. In addition to that, you also need immersion circulator to set time and perfect temperature.

There are so many containers available in the market for you to cook foods at water bath temperature. Among all, you have to choose the one that suits your home. To choose the best one, you need to know about those containers right!! Thus, below I’m going to share you few things about each water bath containers.

  1. Pots for water bath

Pots are available in various sizes and most of the people have at least any size of the pot in their kitchen, so you can use this for your cooking. Moreover, you can also use the pot for your normal cooking too. However, it is somewhat harder for placing immersion circulator.

  1. Plastic cooler for water bath

As like as pots, the plastic coolers are also available in a wide range of sizes, so you can pick anyone for that best for your cooking. This kind of cooler is insulated, so it keeps the temperature inside for a long time.

  1. Polycarbonate containers

This is another option for sous vide cooking containers. The polycarbonate container is transparent and as well as easy to see how your foods are cooking. You can also use this container as a storage vessel.

These are some of the best options for water bath containers, so pick one that is best for you.

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I Love Sous Vide Porkchops

It’s no secret that I have fallen in love with sous vide cooking. The ease of cooking, the delicious result, the lack of cleanup… it’s all so great! My only regret is that I hadn’t found this wonderful style of cooking sooner!

My grandmother got me a sous vide machine for Christmas. It was the Anova Bluetooth Immersion Circulator. I had absolutely no clue what it was when I unwrapped it, but after listening to grandma and doing some research, I decided to give sous vide cooking a shot.

and man am I glad that I did!

Ever since then, I have been cooking up a storm with my sous vide machine. From vegetables to steak to chicken to pork… I have been cooking it all suvee!

By far my favorite word to cook sous vide is pork roast. Growing up, we ate a ton of pork chops because my mom was friends with a local farmer. He would always give my mom porkchops for cheap, since he had an abundance of them. Mind you, they weren’t premium cuts, but more of his off-pieces. Regardless, we ate them and loved them.

Naturally, the first food that I had to cook sous vide was pork chops. I dind’t think anything would ever compare to the porkchops that mom used to make. I was mistaken. Pork chops cooked sous vide absolutely BLOW AWAY my mom’s porkchops (sorry mom)!

They come out so juicy and tender… it’s kind of miraculous.

Had someone told me that something so delicious could have come from a vacuum sealed bag submerged in hot water, I’d think you were crazy. Now, the crazy people are the ones that aren’t cooked sous vide.

I highly, highly encourage everyone to go to their local store or online retailer and get themselves a sous vide machine. Seriously, it will change your life for the better!